A personalised, focused, one-on-one process that helps you realise your full potential in all areas of your life

Social Support

The support of someone who knows the journey and what you’re going through


Increase your motivation with a dedicated accountability partner

Global Reach

Face-to-face coaching either online or in person, we can’t let distance be a barrier to working together

What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative, creative process that supports a person to change their life by becoming more insightful, building awareness and inspiring action towards an agreed and defined set of goals. Coaching supports and encourages individuals to create a new path for themselves to become whoever they want to be and unlock their greatest potential in all areas of life.

As your coach I am your biggest cheerleader. We will get to the heart of what you want out of life and figure out a way to get you there. I will be your sounding board, that neutral person you can talk to who only wants the best for you. Change, especially in a bariatric journey, can be extremely daunting and actively managing that change through coaching will make it less overwhelming. We will reflect on, acknowledge and celebrate your progress and successes throughout the coaching process.

As a coach, I empower you to take charge of your body, mind and life so that you can live your life authentically, as yourself, for yourself. I will join you on a mission of personal discovery and act as your enabler as you start living your dream life.

Melissa Peaks

How does coaching fit into my bariatric journey?

Thinking about weight loss surgery is the first step down an amazing path for yourself. It’s the point where you decide to put you and your health first. This is an invaluable investment you are making for yourself, your future and the ones you care most about. Bariatric life coaching, at any point in your Bariatric journey, is going to help you maximise the changes and upheaval this journey brings to your life and take it to the absolute next level.

Coaching will be the cherry on top and work in nicely alongside the help you will receive from your surgical team and other related professionals in your weight loss surgery journey. It must be said that I do not want to and am not qualified to provide medical or nutritional advice and will refer you back to your team if questions of that nature arise during the coaching process. It’s the missing piece, extended personal support and focus that will help you really figure out what you want and implement it into your life through this hugely transformational journey.

Together, we will figure out how to adapt your life to new ways of living that will support your success now and in the future. You already have all the answers and everything you need within you. As your coach I will use powerful questions, truly active listening and a range of tools to help you uncover your hidden strengths and those answers you’ve been searching for.

Meet the coach

Melissa Peaks

Bariatric Life Coach

In February of 2014 I changed my life forever when I had a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass performed. I went on to lose 70 kg (154 lbs) and my whole life changed completely. I have been blogging about my bariatric journey over on Melissa Loses It for the past few years but wanted to help individuals in the WLS community in a more direct and personal way. I have worked hard to gain a Diploma in Professional Coaching and can’t wait to put my skills to use and watch you transform and grow!

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